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Final Hearing Rescheduled for February 7, 2014

The Court is no longer available on the date the final approval hearing is scheduled.  The Court shall continue the hearing on the final approval and the motion for attorneys’ fees by one week to February 7, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.


If you received a letter from a bad check restitution program operated by National Corrective Group (NCG) or American Corrective Counseling Services (ACCS) in the name of a district attorney in California (between January 4, 2006 and August 31, 2011) or Pennsylvania (between January 25, 2004 and August 31, 2011), you are a settlement class member and may be eligible to receive a payment. 

A federal court authorized this Notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

Settlement class members who receive a notice of this settlement in the mail (“Mailed Notice”) or by E-Mail (“Email Notice”) will automatically have a settlement payment mailed to them.  Settlement class members who do not receive Mailed Notice or E-Mail Notice must submit a Claim Form by April 1, 2014, in order to receive a settlement payment.

Please click on the links to the left to obtain additinal important information about this settlement.


Please do not contact the Court or the Defendants about the settlement. Any and all callers will be directed to this website. If you have questions, please refer to the Commonly Asked Questions and the other information posted here.

This settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by a claims administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing. Defendants are not authorized to respond to questions from the Class regarding this settlement.

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